Gaming laptops

Guide to getting your perfect gaming laptop – and accessories to go along with it
Gaming laptops are a total different game from the typical mainstream notebooks. With their powerful components and features, beautifully lit designs and premium prices, they are simply a beast to marvel at. However, don’t expect them to be a bang for your buck – you could probably get a way better gaming set up for a way lower price if you invest in a PC instead. But, if you need something that you can move around easily, depending on your budget and the games you would like to play on it, here are some considerations and tips to getting your perfect gaming laptop.

Quick tips
The number one thing to look out for in any system is its processor – what you pick will a major impact on its performance as well as your pockets. For now, Intel’s eight-core processors in the Core i7 family tops in terms of processing powers, but anything with a quad-core Intel Core i7 or the Intel Core i5 is also good enough. AMD’s FX processors are also great, but if you have a lower budget, the AMD A8 or A10 are also good picks.
For an immersive gaming experience, displays and graphic cards are key. If your budget allows, go for a 4K display with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980/1060/1080 and marvel at the tiniest details on a gun in Fallout 4 or feel as if you’re experiencing the fluffy snow in Tomb Raider.

Perfect add-ons
Pair your perfect gaming laptop with a couple of these extra bits– they can really do wonders for to your gaming experience.
Noise-cancelling headphones: Hardcore gamers would know how loud and distracting some fans can be when it is overworked from all that multi-tasking and long hours of play time. Noise-cancelling headphones are perfect to drown out the fan noise as well as put you into a more immersive gaming mode.
Gaming mouse: Just like a gaming laptop, a gaming mouse is not just a regular mouse – it’s gives a lot more support, comes with custom tweaking, feels more perfect in your hands, and it’s also much pricier. Need one for quick shooting in Overwatch or be able to click 101 times per minute in League of Legends? You have just got to feel and test it out with your own hands to see what feels right. Razer, SteelSeries, Logitech, Roccat, Corsair, and Zowie are just some of the more popular brands in the market right now.