Home Security Cameras

Secure your homes with the best home security camera of 2017

Wading through a ton of home security camera (for obvious security reasons) andvideo-monitoring system (elderly, kid, pet monitoring, anyone?) options in the market and still have no clue on which to pick? We have gone through all the various brands and models on your behalf, now you just have to make one choice – wireless, or wired?

Flexibility, mobility and easy installation is what a wireless home security camera offer. Place it near cribs, in playrooms, on shoe shelves facing the front door, attach it to the walls or mount it anywhere you please. You could even place it in the playroom during the day and move it to the crib when the night has fallen. But be sure that you are getting free cloud storage along with it; with the live streaming and HD videos that your security cameras would be recording, you would need plenty of space. For security and safety reasons, motion detection and instant alerts are also a must in any security camera for your homes, so as to quickly respond to any emergencies that may occur.

The best thing about a wired home security camera is that you would never have to worry about footages not being filmed if the batteries ever run low. On the other hand, you would have to use the time to think about this – where are you going to place this, is there space for this device to be where I want to record? Setting up is often easy and seamless – just plug it in, choose your preferences for alerts and you are ready to go! While some wireless home security cameras may require a monthly fee, most (if not all) wired ones do not.

Go wireless!
Our pick? The Blink Home Security and HD Video Monitoring System which delivers up to two years’ worth of battery life powered by just two AA Lithium batteries! Is it just us or are you just as amazed with the battery life of this tiny, aesthetically-pleasing, wireless camera? Say goodbye to all that messy wires and bulky machines, and hello to great mobility and compact design.
Available forS$188 (for the starter kit which includes sync module and camera) at Aztech showroom and authorized retail stores in Singapore.