Immotor GO quick folds and has three wheels

Immotor GO quick folds and has three wheels

The Immotor GO is a foldable personal mobility device that is LTA compliant and
public transport friendly.

Folds in five seconds, weighs 16 kg with two TSA-compliant Super Batteries,
with 25 km per hour maximum speed, the Immotor GO comes with built-in GPS
tracking and Bluetooth connectivity.

What sets Immotor GO apart from other PMDs is its three wheels and a safe,
reliable battery design and management.

It has two rear wheels and one front wheel with telescopic handlebars so both
the young to old can ride it safely without having to learn to balance.

Its swappable Super Battery allows the user to change battery in just three
seconds. It even has its own internal microchip to collect data from multiple
sensors and its battery health is monitored using the Immotor App.

Battery charging is done in the PMD or on a separate charging dock.

A hot favourite at the CES 2018 event, Immotor GO has the UL 2271 and UL2272
certification standard that covers the electric and battery safety of the PMD.