Kitchen gadgets

Smart kitchen gadgets that makes life easier
Making your home a smart one? Don’t forget your kitchen. These gadgets will make your kitchen a ‘smart’ one and make your life a tad easier.

iKettle 2.0
A wifi-enabled kettle? Why not. Get hot water to make some tea the minute you enter your home by programming your kettle to start boiling even when you are not home. The iKettle is exceptionally great for tea snobs who need their water to be a certain temperature to make their teas – you can select any temperature between 20 to 100 degrees celcius! It even notifies users when the water has reached your set temperature. Such ease.

Smarter Coffee
This Smarter Coffee works like the iKettle – users get to control the coffee machine with your smartphone (or tablet, whichever you prefer). It grinds and brews fresh coffee beans on demand so you can wake up or come home to a perfectly brewed coffee. The Smarter Coffee can also be programmed to suit your personal taste in coffee – light or strong brews, a single cup or more? It’s almost like having a personal barista at home.

Apple Drop Kitchen Scale
Get on top of your baking game with this Bluetooth-enabled kitchen scale that intuitively guides you step-by-step through searching for to completing delicious meals and desserts with the help of a connected iPad app. Not enough flour for a particular recipe? Drop will measure what you have and adjust the rest of the ingredients in the recipe accordingly. No more troublesome calculations, just easy baking and cooking.

Anova Precision Cooker WiFi
With the Anova Precision Cooker, all that is left for you to do is to put the raw ingredients and marinates/sauces into a ziplock bag, program the temperature and settings to start and end cooking whenever you want, and watch it do its magic. Come home to perfectly cooked chicken, stews and even steaks. It’s possible with this sous vide machine made for home cooks.