Old school gadgets

Modern devices disguised as old school gadgets
Old school gadgets are back in trend, and while they are great as they were, most of their technologies have become obsolete in today’s world. However, their designs are still highly sought after. Here are some modern devices disguised as old school gadgets that were once obsessed with. Tell us which are your faves!

iPad iTypewriter
While many love the look and feel of a typewriter, no one really wants to be hammering at it, make mistakes and start all over again. The iTypewriter gives you the feel of the typewriter, but it comes with the digital form of the words appearing on your iPads. It connects with a USB port that you can just plug and play (or type). Reminisce (or pretend that you are living in the old days) with these two technologies joint as one to reach nostalgic blissfulness.

USB Mixtape
Mixtapes were huge in the old days to make playlists by recording songs on them to share with friends, or even a loved one. While a tape is pretty much obsolete, we still love the idea of a physical copy of a playlist (instead of a Spotify or Pandora virtual one). This may look very much like the old tapes (you can even scrawl the title of the playlist on the sleeve!), but it comes with a USB flash drive in the middle of it to create your very own ‘mixtape’!

Crosley USB Turntable
Vinyls and turntables were huge back in the days, however, it’s tough to even find a vinyl these days since most musicians have gone digital. The Crosley USB Turntable can not only play whatever vinyl you have left (or found at some flea markets), it can also playback from memory cars, USB storage devices, iPods, and even digitize your vinyl into digital music. It’s indeed best of both worlds.

Retro NES USB Controller
Reminiscing of the days of 8-bit gaming with a retro handheld controller? Go for the Retro NES USB Controller from ThinkGeek for some old-school gaming on your laptop. Time to save the princess in an episode of Mario!