Robot vacuum cleaners

3 best robot vacuum cleaners in the market right now

Take the hassle out of your household chores and invest in one of these bad boys to keep your house spick and span while you sit back and relax (imagine just how great that would be after a long day at work!).

A minimalist, stellar rob – iRobot Roomba 980
With the iRobot Roomba 980, the premium you are paying for is its smart features, stellar cleaning performance and minimal maintenance requirements. What attracts us to this exceptional bot is its long-lasting batteries (lithium ion), more precise cleaning with additional sensors, and its ease of setting up Wi-Fi, app connectivity – an immense upgrade from its predecessors.
One point to note though, is its display on the body of the bot itself has become very minimal, and most of its settings are done on the iRobot app, so it might be tougher for family members without smartphone knowledge to access control.
If minimalistic is what you’re going for, you won’t go wrong with the iRobot Roomba 980.

A worthy splurge – Neato Botvac Connected
Featuring a Wi-Fi enabled robot, the Neato Botvac Connected is one of the best-performing and easy to use robot vacuum cleaners in the market. Control your bot from wherever you are with its well-designed Neato app – set a cleaning schedule, choose where you want your bot to clean (spot cleaning or the entire house), and even get instant notifications regarding the status!
We also love the D-shape design and its CornerClever technology that allows it to clean close to walls and into the gritty corners. The only thing that might make you think twice about getting it? The high cost. But if you are willing to give up on the remote-control functionality (while still getting a good cleaning helper), you could perhaps consider its previous generation.
Comparing the Neato Botvac Connected with (its worthy competitors) the iRobot Roomba 980 and the Dyson 360 Eye, it is of equal high performance, but at a lower price, making this a darn worthy splurge.

A compact, mean machine – Dyson 360 Eye
Dyson’s robot vacuum cleaners never disappoint; neither does the 360 Eye. It’s the smallest and the most compact out of the three bot cleaners, thus taking up minimal space at the charging dock or any of your storage room. Even though it may be small, this rob has one of the strongest suction power in the market (and one with one of the heftiest price tags). Like the other two robot vacuum cleaners mentioned, it also has an app with perfectly clear instructions for ease of usage. Simply schedule it and let the rob do its job.
A compact robot vacuum cleaner with high-suction power is just what you need? Look no further than Dyson’s 360 Eye.