Which Thinkware dash cam is for you?

Own a vehicle? Then you would probably need a dashboard camera (also known as a dash cam) to go along with it. And what better brands to get than Thinkware. At the forefront of the dash cam market, Thinkware offers a huge range of products that would suit every need and budget. So, which Thinkware dash cam is for you – the basic and simple to use F50, the all-encompassing X550 or the brand new, award-winning F800 Air?

Thinkware F50 – basic and simple to use
A couple of buttons, connection cable, micro SD care and a mount adhesive is all you need to set up the F50. Pick from the various shooting modes – continuous recording mode (turns on and off together with your car engine), manual recording mode (works just like a regular video camera) or event recording mode (with its impact monitoring system, the dash cam will automatically store the video data 10 seconds prior to and after a collision) – and you are ready to go! And if you should require to check back on the video data, you would be glad to know that you need not format or convert any of the files to begin watching on your phones or computers. What did we say about its ease?

Thinkware X550 – all-encompassing
If just a notch up from F50 is what you need, check out the X550. The X550 is a front AND rear full HD dash cam with super night vision – perfect for all those dark alley parking and underground parking moments. You would be glad to also know that time lapse recording is offered in this model, providing more coverage whilst at the same time using less memory space. We also love its Road Safety Warning System that offers alerts when the vehicle is straying from its intended lane or running into a risk of a looming crash. What you are paying more for is really just a peace of your mind.

Thinkware F800 Air – brand new, award-winning
The F800 Air is Thinkware’s newest baby that has been named the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the audio/video category. With its sleek looks and Internet of Things (IoT) technology – perhaps making the dream of having a ‘connected car’ a step closer to reality – the F800 is making waves in the automotive industry. Its Emergency Alert system is one of its best features; it immediately notifies emergency contacts in the event of an accident or when the S.O.S button is activated. Another notification you may set to receive is one that notifies you when your vehicle is hit while it is parked. Safe, connected driving is now a reality with the F800.