PCs, Notebooks, Tablets, Smart Phones and Apple products @ Level 4 Entrance of Hall 403

Don’t forget to trade-in your old and faulty gadgets in exchange for cash vouchers purchases in CEE 2019! Located at L4 Entrance of Hall 403.


Repair your your iPhones, Macbook,iPads, Laptops, Handphone and Tablets in this CEE Show 2019. Leave it to the professionals to help the repairing! (A Gadget Repair program by Digital Hospital)

iPhone Glass Replacement, price is as low as $29! & special pricing for battery replacement with all iPhone glass replacement. As low as $9.

Microsoft Surface Pro touchscreen LCD assembly replacement.
Surface Pro 3 – $330 UP:$380
Surface Pro 4 – $380 UP:$550

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Trade in your iPhones, Macbook,iPads, Laptops, Handphone and Tablets for CASH in this CEE Show 2019. (A trade-in program by Digital Hospital)

Guarantee $50 value for phased out iPad 2,3,4 & Mini 1. As long as it is able to power on, does not have internal screen crack and no iCloud lock.

Guarantee $50 value for laptop. 

Accept Laptop from 1st to 3rd CPU Gen (Core i3, i5 & i7), able to power on, no cracks and comes with battery and power adapter.

Find out more , click here 

There are just four easy steps to trading your device:


Get a Trade-In Quote by filling up the form here.
Get a Repair Service Quote by filling up the form here.


Receive a notification reply quote.


Back up your data and charge your devices before bringing them to CEE 2019.


Get reimbursed with Cash Vouchers to spend at CEE 2019!